Seven Steps to Mastering Meditation

Step One: Basic Sitting Meditation

  To begin our meditative journey, we establish a comfortable meditation posture.  We discover how to integrate physical and mental awareness with energy as we sit.  Finally, we practice bringing mind and body together in relaxation as a preparation for calm abiding meditation.

Step Two: Calm Abiding Meditation

  Now that we’ve practiced relaxing and connecting with our bodies and energy, we learn calm abiding meditation to cultivate relaxed focus.  We work with various objects of attention to free ourselves from the disturbances of thoughts and reach a state of calm.

Step Three: Arriving at Clarity

As our focus becomes more refined, it also becomes more relaxed and clear.  Our attention shifts from an external object to single‐pointedness itself— the unity between our mind and the environment.  As our mind begins to open, happiness and inspiration arise naturally. 

Step Four: Insight Meditation

As we move beyond the urge to manipulate our experience, less and less effort is required to explore the subtle qualities of mind and uncover our true inner nature.  As our insight develops, we learn to rest in the clarity and inspiration of our innate wisdom, without dullness or agitation. 

Step Five: Open Heart-Mind

We begin to view our internal and external worlds more widely, creating a foundation for the experience of unbiased compassion.  Instead of grasping at the duality of self and other, we cultivate boundless equanimity which leads to an experience of wide-open, spacious mind.

Step Six: Pure Mind Meditation

We discover that the true nature of mind is vast, uncontrived and free of thoughts and worries.  Through this practice, we open to the space between dualities, transcend habitual patterns and achieve a deep state of resting wakefulness. 

Step Seven: Non-Conceptual Meditation

In this final lesson, we are introduced to our profound innermost nature of non-conceptual awareness, the naturally perfect state of spontaneous arising and primordial purity. We allow the mind to rest effortlessly beyond fixation, beyond manipulation, in our authentic natural condition. 

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