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Level I & II Meditation Teacher Training (Annapolis, MD)

Ten Month Program August 2019 to April 2020

Our 100 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Program (Level I & II) will be offered at Ruah Yoga Studio in Annapolis, MD. The class will meet one or two weekends per month for ten months, beginning August 2019 and continuing through April 19, 2020.



10:00 am to 4:00 pm


  Aug. 31 – Introduction to Meditation; Subtle Body Theory

Sept. 7 – Lesson One (Basic Sitting Meditation) 

Oct. 12 – Lesson Two (Calm Abiding Meditation)

Nov. 2 – Lesson Three (Arriving at Clarity) 

Nov. 23 – Lesson Four (Insight Meditation) 

Dec. 7 – Lesson Five (Open Heart-Mind Meditation)

Dec. 21 – Advanced Pranayama

Jan. 5 – Lesson Six (Pure Mind Meditation) 

Jan. 18 – Lesson Seven (Non-Conceptual Meditation)

Feb. 8, 16 & 29 - Q&A & Student Teaching

March 21 & 28 - Student Teaching

 April 4 & 19 - Student Teaching & Final Exam

Special Topics

Research into the Benefits of Meditation

Education: Children & Teens 

Meditation Technology

Ethics of Mindfulness

Trauma & PTSD


Regular Price: $1,700.  $500 deposit and six monthly payments of $200; or 

Early Bird Special: $1,500.  Payment in full is due 30 days before class. 

Location & Registration

 Ruah Yoga Studio 

Clock Tower Place

1410 Forest Drive

Annapolis, MD 21403

(410) 216-7838


Mind Massage (Online)

Every Tuesday from 1:00 PM to 1:40 PM

Mind Massage

Linking Body, Breath, Energy & Mind

$10 per person (or via Class Pass)

In this weekly online Zoom class, we will explore a progressive approach for linking body, breath, energy and mind to achieve a state of deep relaxation that promotes healing and peace. Deep, sustained relaxation is not only the basis for physical and mental health and well-being, but the foundation for spiritual awakening. 

Each week we will learn and practice new methods to relax the body, slow and deepen the breath, and gain control of our subtle inner energies. These techniques lead the mind into a state of relaxed awareness that cultivates calm, clarity, and wisdom, enabling us to rest in a fully integrative experience of mind itself. 

Sponsored by:

recharj downtown

1445 New York Ave NW #130

Washington, DC 20005

(202) 347-4595 call

(571) 488-7461 text


Sunset Samadhi (Online)

Every Thursday from 8:00 PM to 8:15 PM

Sunset Samadhi

Free Mini-Meditation

Join us for a free weekly online mini-meditation hosted by Ruah Yoga Studio in Annapolis, MD.

No instruction, just a short guided meditation to wind down the day.

Register for free via Zoom at: 

Sponsored by:

Ruah Yoga Studio
Clock Tower Place
1410 Forest Drive
Annapolis, MD 21403
(410) 216-7838


Adding Pranayama to Your Yoga & Meditation Practice

Saturday, June 27, 2020 - 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Linking Body, Breath, Energy & Mind

Adding Pranayama to your Yoga & Meditation Practice

$45 per person

In this three-hour workshop we will explore the importance of breath control and internal energy practices within the progressive approach to meditation taught in both the Hatha Yoga and Tibetan Buddhist traditions. 

This progressive approach leads us from the external, physical practices of the body (asana) through the internal practices of breath (pranayama) to the subtle practices of the internal energies (tsa lung) and finally to the most profound meditative practices which work directly with the mind. This natural progression forms the basis of the yogic study of the eight limbs, five koshas (sheaths) and five vayus (winds), as well as the 'outer, inner, secret' approach of Tibetan Buddhism. 

Our workshop begins with a general discussion of the body, breath, energy and mind approach, and then turns to the role of the subtle body in pranayama and tsa lung practice. We explore the energetic physiology of the channels, winds, chakras and subtle essences as they relate to these practices of breath and internal energy. We learn nine increasingly challenging breath and energy exercises including the eight postures, three bandhas, two mudras and four stages of breath that are utilized in the various techniques. We discuss the benefits of each exercise, as well as hints and cautions for safe practice. Finally, we practice each of the techniques to ensure that participants are well equipped to integrate them into their regular yoga and meditation practice. 

Location & Registration

recharj downtown

1445 New York Ave NW #130

Washington, DC 20005

(202) 347-4595 call

(571) 488-7461 text


Hacking Consciousness by Resting in Awareness

Saturday, October 31, 2020 - 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

 Hacking Consciousness by Resting in Awareness:
--- The Pinnacle Practice of Dzogchen

$30 per person


Hacking consciousness means changing our relationship to the world, rather than changing the world itself. We want to hack consciousness to discover who we really are, to explore and ultimately to raise our consciousness. Of course, as we raise our individual consciousness, the world collectively follows suit.

In Tibetan Buddhism, the most profound mediation is called Dzogchen, often translated as the Great Natural Perfection. To accomplish Dzogchen meditation is to simply rest in Awareness itself. We call this Awareness our natural state or the Nature of Mind. It is our true condition, primordially present and spontaneously arising, without manipulation or fabrication of any sort. To simply rest in the freshness of this present moment experience, in a state of luminous and clear non-conceptual Awareness is the pinnacle of meditation practice. This the Great Natural Perfection.

During this workshop we will discuss mind and meditation from the perspective of the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. We will discuss a progressive approach to practicing Dzogchen that ties together all of the meditation practices of the hatha yoga and Buddhist spiritual traditions. This approach begins with outer practices of the body and progresses inwards through practices of breath and subtle energies. Ultimately, we reach the most profound experience of simply resting the mind in Awareness itself.

Location & Registration

recharj downtown

1445 New York Ave NW #130

Washington, DC 20005

(202) 347-4595 call

(571) 488-7461 text

San Isidro, Costa Rica


Fall 2020

Linking Body, Breath, Energy & Mind

A Yoga & Meditation Retreat with Michael Hess & Laura Flanagan

I will be leading this retreat together with Laura Flanagan, the founder of the Socrates Center ( and a spectacular western yogi.  Since the Socrates Center retreat facilities are currently under construction, the majority of retreat activities will take place at Kinkara, a nearby luxury mountain resort and retreat center ( Tucked away at the foot of Mt. Chirripó in Costa Rica's biodiverse Southern Zone, Kinkara is an experiential luxury resort for one-of-a-kind activities, personal relaxation, and collective group adventures.  Whether swimming in a jungle waterfall, savoring exquisite farm-to-table cuisine, or finding inner peace through yoga and meditation, Kinkara provides not only the physical container for our retreat experience, but offers moments of self-discovery, a path to renewed ideas, and amazing connections with nature.

Our retreat was created to introduce a unique approach to integrating physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness based on a progressive approach designed for westerners but adapted from the Eastern spiritual traditions.

Our progressive approach begins by working with outer phenomena and gradually moves inward, exploring increasingly subtle and ultimately the most profound experiences available.  We begin our work with practices of the body, progressing and integrating the breath, energy work and ultimately the most profound meditation practices from the Hatha Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism traditions.

Laura will be guiding our participants in daily Yamuna Body Rolling, a revolutionary body practice designed to re-educate muscles, stimulate bone, release tension, increase blood flow and promote healing--all of which create positive, permanent changes in the body.

In addition to the Yamuna Body Rolling, Laura will be leading us in daily yoga asana practice to promote strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular endurance which links the outer body practices with the inner breath and energy practices of pranayama and tsa lung.

Then, I will be leading you in daily pranayama or breath practices, along with the Tibetan Buddhist tsa lung or energy techniques and a seven-step progressive approach to learning meditation. 

We begin by exploring the basics of the subtle body or energetic physiology system from both the Hatha Yoga and Tibetan Buddhist perspectives. The subtle body provides the foundation for all pranayama, energy and meditation practices and teaches us to work directly with the energy systems of the channels, winds, chakras and internal energies. 

By working with the subtle body, we can develop a foundation for the outer and inner practices of body and breath. We learn how pranayama and tsa lung practices link yoga asana practice and meditation within the progressive approach of working with body, breath, energy and mind. We will learn nine pranayama and tsa lung exercises along with the relevant postures, gazes, bandhas, mudras and stages of breath that constitute a complete pranayama practice. 

After learning and practicing the various breath and energy practices, we begin to work directly with the mind in mediation. First, we discover the importance of working with objects of meditation to cultivate a calm, relaxed focus. We learn the various types of objects utilized in the "outer, inner, secret" approach, as well as basic meditation practices using breath and objects of the senses. We learn the benefits of working with mantra and the visualization techniques used in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Then, we begin to discover how the relaxed focus developed through calm-abiding meditation leads to a profound experience of stillness. From this stillness, we discover the innate qualities which naturally arise within the stable, relaxed mind. We learn to distinguish the qualities of mind from the qualities of experience that arise within the various stages of stability. We begin to explore the mind at rest and are introduced to the qualities of mind's true nature. We learn how to identify and maintain the optimal energy level for meditation.

Finally, we begin to re-integrate the stable, stillness of our inward focus with the realities of the external world. We practice Tibetan Buddhist techniques for cultivating a heart-level connection grounded in unbiased compassion, leading to boundless equanimity and an expanded experience of wide-open, spacious mind. We explore objectless meditation to cultivate a vast and uncontrived awareness, free of thoughts and worries, from which arises the deepest qualities of mind itself. Ultimately, we allow the mind to simply rest with effortless ease in this non-dual state which is our true natural condition. 

Registration Information:

Socrates Center 

c/o Laura Flanagan

Current Clients & Recent Events


Private Clients (Baltimore/Washington DC area)

Teaching meditation, pranayama and yoga to private clients and small groups throughout the Baltimore and Washington, DC metro area.  Clients range from complete beginners through experienced practitioners, and from both Tibetan Buddhist as well as secular perspectives. Clients have ranged in age from children (age 10) through teenagers, college students, adults and senior citizens (2014 to present). 

RoundGlass Wellbeing (Chandigarh, India & Seattle, WA)

Leading online meditations for staff and clients focused on breath, subtle body techniques and healing while India and the USA are in lockdown due to global health concerns (April 2020).

Ruah Yoga (Annapolis, MD)

Our 2020 programs include:

- Leading subtle body, pranayama and meditation "open teacher training" workshops for 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training programs (Summer 2019, Fall 2019)

- Sunset Samadhi, a free weekly online mini-meditation (every Thursday)

Hannon Armstrong (Annapolis, MD)

Leading weekly classes focused on meditation in the workplace for the employees of Hannon Armstrong at their corporate headquarters location (ongoing).

Socrates Center (San Isirdo, Costa Rica)

Co-leading a seven day yoga and meditation retreat called "Linking Body, Breath, Energy & Mind" that includes daily Yamuna Body Rolling, yoga, pranayama and meditation.  (Fall 2020)

recharj downtown (Washington, DC)

Our 2020 programs include:

- Every Tuesday – Mind Massage (weekly online class)

- June 27 –  Adding Pranayama to your Yoga & Meditation Practice

- October 31 – Hacking Consciousness by Resting in Awareness: The Pinnacle Practice of Dzogchen 

Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg (Fredericksburg, VA)

Our 2020 workshops include: 

- January 22 - Hacking Consciousness by Resting in Awareness: The Pinnacle Practice of Dzogchen.

- April 18 - Relax. Release. Rest.  The Seven Step Approach for Mastering Meditation

Amobee, Inc. (Baltimore, MD)

Led an on-site corporate meditation workshop for the Baltimore employees of Amobee focused on reducing job-related stress and tension and preventing burnout (October 2019).   

Prior Clients & Events


Abhibindu Wellness Foundation (Delhi, India)

Led a half-day workshop entitled "Relax, Release, Rest: An Introduction to Meditation" for the clients of Sarathi Wellness and the Abhibindu Wellness Foundation (May 2019).   

Micah Ecumenical Ministries (Fredericksburg, VA)

Led a 90 minute workshop for the staff of Micah Ecumenical Ministries called "Meditation for Stress Management" focused on reducing job-related stress and tension and preventing burnout (June 2019).   

Pema Karpo Centre (Vienna, Austria)

Led workshops and classes and provided private instruction for clients of this Tibetan healing center during a week-long teaching tour in Vienna, Austria.  The half-day workshops and classes covered the Seven-Step Approach (March 2018).

Arlington County Government (Arlington, VA)

Led a corporate workshop for employees at the county government's headquarters location.  The workshop was entitled "The Heart of the Matter: Deepening our Relationship to Mindfulness Practice" and covered meditation techniques from a corporate wellness perspective (April 2018).

North Star Therapy (Fredericksburg, VA)

- Worked with individual clients and weekly group meditation classes at North Star Therapy's office (2019). 

- Led a full day workshop for North Star Therapy clients and friends in Stafford, VA.  The workshop was entitled "Discovering the Relaxed Mind: A Day Long Immersion into Deepening Meditation Practice" and covered the first four lessons of the Seven-Step Approach (April 2018).

Ruah Yoga (Annapolis, MD)

- Led weekly drop-in meditation classes (2019). 

- Led four different pranayama and meditation workshops for yoga practitioners including a series of three 90 minute workshops that covered the first four lessons of the Seven Step Approach (2017 - 2018). 

Gampopa Center (Annapolis, MD)

Taught general Tibetan Buddhism and Mahamudra meditation classes during the four to six months each year that Lama Phurbu Tashi Rinpoche travels overseas. For several years, I led a weekly Monday evening meditation class on a year-round basis. I also taught a smaller group of more experienced meditation students for several years (2008 through 2016).

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